About the Show

Hollywood Bacon is a collaboration from all sides of entertainment. Even the sides most people don’t care about. (Poor classical music.) Your hosts in no particular order are:

Christa Charter

Christa Charter is an author and video game industry veteran living on the outskirts of Seattle. Her favorite entertainment includes Goodfellas, Mad Men, Bruce Springsteen, Ruth Rendell, King’s Quest, and Chris Hemsworth’s upper gody (typo, but it stays). She will never not watch Moulin Rouge, Selena, Clueless, and Legally¬†Blonde.

Chris “Lefty” Brown

Chris Brown is the co-host of several podcasts including: The Married Gamers, Gamerhusbands Radio, You Lose! Podcast and Hollywood Bacon. When not complaining about Skype, Chris plays video games, obsesses about Star Wars, soccer foreign and domestic, and John Hughes films. Chris is currently an Xbox MVP.

Trav Pope

Trav Pope is a freelance writer and editor of an entertainment website and community. His hobbies include ordering too much Starbucks, listening to too much classical music and searching his Netflix watch list for the meaning of life and Cardi B lyrics. (Because her lyrics are trash.) When not doing those things, he watches the same PBS shows your parents do from his home in Richmond, Virginia.

Also, Wingardiam Leviosa.